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Our Credo: “Failure Is Not An Option”

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Specialty Food Consulting is a ground level up organization that teaches its clients the how, what, where, why and who of the food industry. With a strong background and hand’s on experience in the industry, Jeff Landsman has been assisting companies of all sizes to do better! Our experience, literally, comes from a lifetime of working throughout the industry and its’ various functional areas. Jeff has been involved in production, importing, transportation, supply chain, sales, technology, distribution, farming and more.  Literally “cradle to grave!”


Jeff has worked with billion dollar companies like Kraft Foods as well as with start-ups who just know they want to be in the food business. Food is a passion and a vocation as well as an avocation. “I have fed my family for nearly 50 years doing what I love. What I love is teaching people how to be well fed and how to feed others!”

Allow us to be part of your journey. Allow us to lead you!

So You Have A Great Food Item? 

How Do You Get It To Market? How Do You Do It Right?

What Do You Need To Know Not To Lose Your Lunch?

What you don’t know can kill you! Learn what you don’t know! Like where the land mines are!

Embrace what you do well and allow others to help you with your weaknesses!

Ready to Go to Market?

So you have a great food item, but you aren’t sure where to start. Contact Specialty Food Consulting, the organization that teaches you the how, what, where, why, and who of the food industry. 

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